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Code of Conduct

Below is the MonkeDAO Code of Conduct, a guide to happy chatting in discord and joining our community.


Code of Conduct

The MonkeDAO Code of Conduct serves to guide the actions of the DAO’s members (hereafter: Monkes) to be consistent with our core values. The Code seeks to establish some clear guidelines of expected behaviour so that everyone can participate and thrive within a positive environment.

What makes MonkeDAO one of the most respected and premier DAOs within Web3? It is not just the value of our NFTs, or the projects the DAO delivers; it is the people within our community, how they present themselves, how they interact with each other and how they interact with people & projects outside of the DAO. The DAO is its membership, so it’s important that individual Monkes uphold the ideals of the DAO as a whole.

The DAO does not want to censor Monkes, but sometimes it may be unclear where the line is on a certain matter, so this document seeks to clarify some expectations of Monke conduct and provide guidance on how to best be part of the community.

1. Respect people’s differences

Given the global and open nature of MonkeDAO, each Monke approaches life and relationships differently. While it may be a challenge for some Monkes to interact with people who don’t think the same way they do, everyone deserves to have their opinions, feelings, and values respected, provided they are not breaking any of the other rules of conduct while expressing themselves.

You may think another Monke’s opinions are wrong, but being “right” is very subjective. We are all different and our opinions are shaped by our social backgrounds, upbringing, education, experiences and circumstances. Just because you may think you are right, that does not mean that others are wrong. Stay curious and attentive, attempt to view matters from different perspectives.

2. Respect people’s contributions and the outcomes they achieve

Participation in MonkeDAO discussions, proposals, votes, projects and teams is entirely voluntary and done in good faith. All contributors are expected to work towards making the DAO’s Vision and/or Mission into reality. Successes should be celebrated.

Anyone that chooses not to contribute (to discussions, proposals, votes, projects or teams) and then later complains about the outcomes of those actions ends up undermining the efforts of all participants and contributors. As a Monke, if you want to see a specific outcome become reality, it is up to you to make it happen. Get involved; contribute to projects; make proposals; help drive support for your vision and see it become reality. Do not complain that other people didn’t do things the way you would have liked.

3. Respect people’s time

All Monkes live within their own unique circumstances and may have more or less time to devote to MonkeDAO than you do. Respect the level of participation that other Monkes choose. You can always request input from other Monkes, but it is entirely up to them if they wish to give it.

4. Give other people the benefit of the doubt

If you have concerns about another Monke, please discuss your concerns in a respectful manner before you take any actions. Let people know the subject matter of discussion and ensure there is a reasonable amount of time for all parties to enter into a dialogue and raise their voice. There is nothing wrong with questioning MonkeDAO’s leadership or an individual member in terms of behavior, favoritism, transactions (scams/rugs), positioning, or involvement with certain events or projects.  

What is not okay is jumping to conclusions, and/or forming a targeted campaign to accuse a person or party without “just cause” or sufficient evidence to prove such accusations. Give fellow Monkes the benefit of the doubt and discuss an issue head on with a party directly before taking things public. 

A simple message can usually solve most misunderstandings and prevent things from blowing up and becoming situations where people’s reputations could be tarnished due to lack of understanding, or jumping to conclusions. Once an accusation is made public, it becomes difficult to back track due to ego, pride and being perceived as “wrong”. Asking questions is always okay, but accusing innocent people will not be tolerated.

5. Value diversity

One of MonkeDAO’s greatest strengths is that Monkes can and do come from various locations, economic backgrounds, professional backgrounds, and many other personal factors. Promoting a diversity of talents and viewpoints leads to many opportunities that would not occur if the community remained insular. Attempt to make use of these differences to drive MonkeDAO forwards; breaking barriers and disregarding traditional thinking leads to new opportunities and a stronger community.

6. Respect confidentiality

A lot of incredible projects, information sharing, and conversations occur internally within MonkeDAO or as private messages between Monkes. Internal occurrences should all be treated as confidential and not be disseminated outside of the DAO unless consent has been explicitly given. When Monkes are entrusted with information, they should live up to that trust.

7. Contribute

The DAO is its members. The more everyone contributes, the more value the DAO can bring to all Monkes. Everyone’s ability to contribute is different and will be respected, but if you know you can improve any aspect of the DAO via participation in discussions, proposals, votes, projects and/or teams, then please do so. Refer to the MonkeDAO Vision, Mission, and Core Values to understand what the DAO seeks to achieve and then apply your personal talents wherever you can help. Together, we can achieve what we cannot alone.

8. Operate with integrity

The level of success MonkeDAO can achieve is highly correlated to the level of trust reached between its membership. All Monkes are expected to act with the highest level of integrity / self-accountability. In striving to create a sustainable model for decentralized autonomous organizations, and acknowledging a greater purpose rather than self-service, MonkeDAO members pledge to:

            • Act with the utmost integrity and pursue work in an honest and ethical manner
            • Obey the letter and spirit of the law in their respective jurisdictions
            • Take responsibility for one’s actions and consider the effects on others
            • Strive to create a sustainable economic and social environment
            • Be accountable to oneself and the MonkeDAO community

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