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Vision Statement

Below is the MonkeDAO core vision statement and values


Vision, Mission, and Core Values

🐡 Our Vision 🐡

To be the premier decentralized community of Web3.


🐡 Our Mission 🐡

To provide unparalleled value to our members and the Solana ecosystem through community-led projects, connections and innovations.


🐡 Our Core Values 🐡

🍌 Community, teamwork and a sense of belonging

🍌 Generating value for the Solana ecosystem

🍌 Promoting decentralization

🍌 Utilizing the strengths of individual Monkes to guide, develop and deliver a diverse range of projects which benefit the greater community

🍌 Spreading good vibes and positivity

🍌 Generating value for Monkes

🍌 Monkes helping Monkes

🍌Transparency and fairness

🍌 Recognizing and rewarding members for their contributions to the community

🍌 Pursuing cool opportunities with a healthy risk appetite

🍌 Planning for the long term viability of MonkeDAO, SMBs, and SOL

🍌 Promoting strong bonds and respect for other individuals and communities within the metaverse

🍌 Being a leader within the metaverse

🍌 Driving and promoting innovation within the metaverse

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