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We’re building the future of social organizations.


We empower our members to contribute and leverage on each other’s expertise in order to achieve collective success together. If you’re passionate about building the future and want to be involved, we want you.

Our growing network of 4k+ monkes includes many prominent names

We’re a global network.

There’s always something going on in the DAO. That’s because MonkeDAO members are motivated, social and most importantly, active in every time zone in the world. See for yourself.

We provide access to exciting Web3 investment opportunities.

MonkeVentures is the investment syndicate of the Monkes with the aim of making high-quality deal flow equally accessible to the average investor while positioning itself as a strategic partner for projects seeking for funding. Partner projects are also able to leverage the entire network of monkes in MonkeVentures, which include a diverse range of talents across many domains of expertise. To date, monkes have invested over $1,600,000 across the MonkeVentures portfolio!

Dont just take our word for it.


Come and help build the future of social community in Web3. You can buy a monke from the following marketplaces: