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Monke Documents

Below is a collection of the most important documents to familiarize yourself with as a MonkeDAO member.


                                                                                          ◉    Vision, Mission, and Core Values

                                                                                          ◉    Code of Conduct

                                                                                          ◉    Bylaws

                                                                                          ◉    Vote Proposal Process

Vision Statement

Our vision, mission and core values that make up the culture of monkedao, the first NFT DAO in the Solana ecosystem.

Code of Conduct

The MonkeDAO Code of Conduct serves to guide the actions of the DAO’s members to be consistent with our core values.


A set of Bylaws expressing the intent, duties, and functions of MonkeDAO executives, elected officials and membership.

Vote Proposal Process

The official MonkeDAO voting and governance process explained in full detail. Any member can create a vote proposal.

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