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Why Join Monkedao?

Want to learn more about us first? Here’s why MonkeDAO is the premier NFT community, what we’ve achieved to date, and why you should be a part of what’s to come.

Monkes are some of the most valuable NFTs of all time.

MonkeDAO was originally founded as a community celebrating Solana Monkey Business, one of Solana’s first and most prominent NFT collections.

SMB was the first collection to reach over one million SOL in sales – this strong growth sparked Solana’s NFT bull market and culminated in the highest ever NFT sale in the history of the blockchain.

The collection’s value has held strong even in the bear market, and is frequently referred to as the ‘CryptoPunks of Solana’ due to its provenance and long-term potential.

Community First

Our community-first philosophy has led to one of the most active and engaged organizations in Web3, with many active SubDAOs.

Decentralized Leadership

We operate via a hybrid team of appointed and elected executives, with elections held every 6 months for DAO leadership.

Inclusive Governance

Our governance model has become the de facto standard for DAOs in the Solana ecosystem. SMB Gen2 holders control the DAO.

Our 2,730+ unique Monke owners are highly active, engaged and influential.

We’ll support you to meet the humans behind the jpegs.

We may all be Monkes on the internet, but nothing beats human interaction. One of MonkeDAO’s core community strategies is to promote and facilitate real life meetings for our members in order to strengthen interpersonal ties within the DAO network, and provide added value beyond the computer screen.

MonkeDAO has hosted sold out community events alongside the largest crypto gatherings in over 28 cities around the world.

We also support our members to organise their own local meetups by subsidizing their expenses. Since the proposal passed in May 2022, the community meetup fund has paid out over $8700 for 27 Monke Meetups between our members.

We support the Solana ecosystem and wider crypto landscape.

We’re the first DAO on Solana to operate a validator, and we’re the only DAO to launch a stake pool.

We’ve collaborated with the Solana Foundation and Metaplex to push the Solana ecosystem forward by funding and supporting builders.

Our specialist Spokesmonkes have educated US regulators about crypto and DAOs on Capitol Hill.

We’ve bootstrapped our way to a thriving brand, synonymous with builders.


Come and help build the future of social community in Web3. You can buy a monke from the following marketplaces: