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Who We Are

Owning a monke should be akin to owning a passport to a sovereign nation, a self-sustaining ecosystem where members are given access to opportunities within.

We’re The First NFT DAO on Solana

MonkeDAO began in 2021 as a small, decentralized community that shared a love for Solana Monkey Business – one of Solana’s first and most well-known NFT collections.

Since then, we’ve attracted the early builders, investors, and influencers of Web3, and have evolved into the premier community on Solana.

And We're Not Stopping There

Our vision is to be the premier Web3 community, incubating, investing in and scaling the most promising, exciting, and ambitious Web 3 projects.

Our Team

Meet the MonkeDAO leadership. The team is made up of a Lead Executive, along with 2 appointed executives, 2 elected executives, 5 board of directors members, a treasurer, inhouse council, and an observer.

Every 6 months (known as an epoch), a DAO-wide election is held, where members are encouraged to nominate themselves and vote on who will serve as the DAO elected executives.

There are 5 total positions, and each member is expected to serve the vision of the community, put voted proposals and surveys into action, incorporate and maintain MonkeDAO as an entity, and serve on DAO committees as a representative of the community.

Executive Team

The executive team serves as the primary operational and executory arm of MonkeDAO and is responsible for the core day-to-day operations of MonkeDAO.


A passionate believer in self-organized social collectives, co-founded MonkeDAO to be the change I want to see. Venture capitalist by profession, believes that the future of the world need to be spearheaded by extremely innovative and unconventional innovators across the world.


Freedom maximalist, marketing whiz, finance enthusiast. I have lived many lives and am an ex: medical student, biologist, model, bgirl, educator, and now I aspire to be a future self funded lady who lunchs.


Canadian Geophysicist, crypto since 2011, DAO‘s since 2021, focused on community and communitions leading teams for the MonkeDAO newsletter, Monke Monday Spotlight, Townhalls, and Local Ambassadors. 


An active trader and product professional. Previously led multi-million dollar digital transformations for corporates and digital product strategies in the web2 tech + startup space. A passion to experiment and try new innovative things is what drove Moon full-time into the crypto space.


Mousy (otherwise known as Unjustmouse) is an educator, spending the past decade in classrooms. Entered the web3 space in 2017, he has worked for a wide array of projects and protocols focusing on tokenomics, infrastructure and DAO governance.

Board of Directors

The board serves as the primary supervisory and judicial arm of MonkeDAO. 


Fuego is a lifelong entrepreneur, successfully founding and running several multi million dollar consumer-facing brands. A crypto investor since 2017, Fuego believes blockchain technology is the future of secure transactions. Reject humanity, return to monke.


Developer. Can solve fizzbuzz in 5 different languages. Monke Enjoyoor.


TradFi professional and crypto degen.  Dog dad.


Developer working on public good protocols for the Solana ecosystem, long time monke, addicted to attending hacker house, dad has an MBA.


Father. Husband. Lawyer. Entrepreneur. Former President. Male Model.

GEN3 Observer

The GEN3 Observer represents Gen3 Member interests, attends Board meetings, and participates in Board discussions, however, the Gen3 Observer shall not vote on Board matters.


I am a social intellect versed in marketing and organic social strategies. IRL, I am an entrepreneur, model, content creator, beauty professional, medical professional and now tapping into real estate, mentoring in the commercial niche. I love a challenge. Aided in building various communities and platforms for varying-sized companies and Web3 artists alike for the past 4 years. Web3 since 2019 and a filthy degen at heart. My priority is human connection.

Community is our most valuable resource.

MonkeDAO has implemented the use of two platforms, BananaStand and  Moonlit. Each is used in different ways for monkes to complete quests and earn either $daojones or bananas. They allow for MonkeDAO to use the incredible strength and abilities of fellow monkes to assist the MonkeDAO in various ways.

The MonkeDAO contributor system is ever-evolving, but is currently administered via a combination of Discord channels, X integrations, Matrica, Interlace (founded by our member TH)and the Moonlit collaboration and rewards platform (founded by former board member Lesleye). Every transaction that has ever been signed is stored and viewable on our Realms and Squads pages

Want to know more?

Learn more about what MonkeDAO can offer, why you should join us, and how to contribute to the next generation of community-building.