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Below is all our member based info including recent Townhalls, Newsletters and our collection of member only tools. Login to the tools with the wallet holding your SMB Gen2 or Gen3 NFTs.

Banana Stand

Introducing the Banana Stand

MonkeDAO’s latest community rewards protocol

Bananas are earned by:

  • Being a holder
  • Engaging with @SolanaMBS or @MonkeDAO on X
  • being active on discord
  • repping your Monke PFPs on twitter

Townhall Recordings

Click here to listen to the most recent townhall recordings, MonkeDAOs weekly townhall happens every Friday at 12pm EST

Weekly Newsletter

Click here to read the latest issue of the Banana Split, MonkeDAO’s community created weekly newsletter.

Monke Maps

An interactive map displaying our global community and upcoming events. Members can add their own Monke by connecting their wallets.

DAO Pool

Instantly stake with the MonkeDAO validator and collect that sweet yield over time while helping to decentralize the Solana Network.

Monke Business Center

A collection of tools for MonkeDAO members, including a custom RPC and Banner/Lock Screen maker.

DAO Vote

MonkeDAO’s proprieteary on-chain voting system. Our community voting tool built by MonkeDevs ensuring Web3 Governance at the highest level for DAO proposals.

Click here to visit MonkeBrains, our member created knowledge base for navigating the Solana Ecosystem. Lean how to use wallets, mint, and develop on Solana.

Click here to see the official MonkeDAO Brand Guidelines. We prefer the use of these guidelines for marketing, partnerships, and creative content about MonkeDAO.

Vision Statement

Our vision, mission and core values that make up the culture of monkedao, the first NFT DAO in the Solana ecosystem.

Code of Conduct

The MonkeDAO Code of Conduct serves to guide the actions of the DAO’s members to be consistent with our core values.


A set of Bylaws expressing the intent, duties, and functions of MonkeDAO executives, elected officials and membership.

Vote Proposal Process

The official MonkeDAO voting and governance process explained in full detail. Any member can create a vote proposal.

Not a Member Yet?

Come and help build the future of social community in Web3. You can buy a monke from the following marketplaces: