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Our governance model focuses on inclusion and empowers all members to participate in democracy. This model has been continually improved since the founding of the DAO, and has become the de facto standard for DAOs in the Solana ecosystem.

Democracy in action.

At the core of MonkeDAO’s govenance model are proposals. A proposal allows a member to suggest a course of action for the DAO, whether big or small.

Proposals will undergo a 3-step process to gather community input and feedback before going to a binding vote, any MonkeDAO member is able to create a proposal to be put up for DAO vote.

Using treasury wallet funds, these initiated proposals can be voted on, and if successfully passed, the funds can be immediately deployed from our multi-sig wallet.

Community Proposal and Discussion

All member proposals evolve through community discussion. Any verified MonkeDAO member can create a vote proposal within the #vote-proposals Discord channel.

Governance Review and Input

Proposals that pass the first stage are subject to review by the Governance team and/or Monke Board, to maintain the integrity of the process. Issues with any proposal at this stage will be transparent and open to community input.

Formal Vote

A successful proposal will be announced as a binding vote to the DAO and posted to #votes channel in Discord. The voting duration, minimum quorum and minimum passing vote requirements are based on the importance of the proposal.

Our Bylaws!

We follow a simple bylaws, all locked on chain for anyone to view at any time! Check them out here

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